Smart Calendar for Busy People

3rd Party Development

Whether it be a service for your customers or a tool for your staff, we can help you design and build the perfect app for your business.

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Mac OS

Tools designed to improve workflow and make life easier

Window Tidy

Pro Window Management

Desktop Tidy

Housekeeping for your Desktop

iOS & Apple Watch

From indispensable utilities to entertainment for your children


Smart Calendar for Busy People

Zoo Animals

Fun Education for Toddlers

In Development

Just a few of the Apps we are working on


A fast action arcade game that tests your reflexes to the limit as you compete against online leaderboards.


An indespensible tool for solving everyday calculations such as percentages, gratuity and sale discounts.


Track the elapsed or remaining time to all your important, favourite and special days of your life.


With a beautiful design, customisation options and pro features, this is the ultimate night stand or desktop alarm clock.

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