Spotless Version History

Minimum Requirements: macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

Version 1.1 (Current)

17th Feb 2018

  • Added date type matches of “Is within period” and “Is not within period” allowing files of a certain age to be identified in rules
  • Added a condition “Is Hidden” so hidden files can be identified in rules
  • Implemented new “Tags” condition so files with specific tags can be identified in rules
  • Updated menu bar icons with new style badge
  • Made preferences panels resizable in width
  • Added option to ignore hidden files

Version 1.0.2

17th Feb 2018

  • Fix for issue preventing a tidy from completing when some files unhandled by rules
  • Fix for crash experienced by some users
  • Fix to ensure preview is displayed even if no files are handled by rules but are by default action

Version 1.0.1

16th Feb 2018

  • Improvements to stability

Version 1.0

13th Feb 2018

  • Initial Release