What is Mosaic?

Mosaic allows you to effortlessly resize and re-position windows on your Mac with a simple Drag & Drop, seamlessly integrated into macOS. For power users Mosaic provides support for Shortcut Keys and TouchBar.

How does Mosaic work?

When you drag an app window Mosaic displays a panel showing Layouts you may wish to apply to the window to resize / re-position it.             

To apply a Layout simply drag the window onto the Layout and drop it. Simple, fast and intuitive. That's the basics, but there are many more features to explore including keyboard shortcuts, TouchBar support and the Remote app.

Standard Features

Mosaic is incredibly simple to use, but that doesn't mean it's light on features. Mosaic boasts a powerful feature set so it can be customised to suit your way of working.

Drag & Drop

Resize any window simply by dragging it and dropping it on the Layout you want to apply. It couldn't be simpler or quicker.

Create Custom Layouts

We have provided a wealth of useful Layouts, and you aren't restricted to using ours. Create your own layouts with both Basic Layouts and Advanced Layouts.

Quick Layout

Quick Layout allows you to define a single use Layout for a window on the fly by dragging on a grid, without having to pre-define a Layout.

Highly Customisable

You can adjust the space left around windows, how the Layout panel is activated, the grid sizes used for Layouts and a plethora of other options to optimise your workflow the way that suits you.

Multi Monitor Support

Drag a window to another monitor and the Layout panel will move with you, allowing you to apply a Layout on any monitor simply with drag & drop.

Layout Views

Mosaic provides a number of different View Modes which determine where and how the Layouts are displayed, giving you greater control over how you use Mosaic. 

Pro Features

For the professional we have added a fantastic suite of additional tools to make Mosaic even more powerful and to allow you to tailor Mosaic to your professional workflow.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Powerful shortcut key functionality for those who prefer to use the keyboard, including the ability to assign a shortcut to individaul Layouts.

Quick Positions

Sometimes you want to move a window without resizing it. The Quick positions Layout Extra allows you to reposition a window quickly to any screen edge or corner, or center in one simple step.

Auto Layout

Teach Mosaic where each app window belongs and when you apply Auto Layout to a window Mosaic will remember where you wanted it and apply the correct Layout for you.

Window Capture

The window capture Layout Extra allows you to quickly take a screen capture of a window and either save it to the Desktop or copy the image to the clipboard, with a simple Drag & Drop.

TouchBar Support

If your Mac has a TouchBar you can take advantage of Mosaic's TouchBar support. With a simple shortcut combination you can activate the Mosaic TouchBar for the active window, and then tap the Layout you want to apply on the TouchBar itself. Fast and simple.


Create Layout Groups to allow you to switch between different sets of Layouts when working in different situations. A different Group can be assigned to each View Mode for even greater flexibility.

Remote Control

Use an iPhone or iPad to apply a layout to the active window on your Mac using the Mosaic Remote companion app, which is available on the App Store.

Don't take our word for it

Read what some of the most trusted industry experts have to say

Issue 314 | July 2017

April 2017

Mosaic is a delightful utility that solved a problem that I didn’t know NEEDED solving. It has improved my efficiency on my computer by enabling me to spend less time fiddling and more time actually working. As I use it more and more, I find that I miss it when I’m on a computer that isn’t mine. For being a third party application, it feels like a native part of macOS, and I can only imagine it getting better from here! Huge kudos to the folks at Light Pillar for one-upping Apple.

Ian Fuchs, Senior Editor | Read the online review >>

Mosaic caters for everyone who needs to work with multiple windows, whether your needs are simple or very specific.

Issue 128 | May 2017

It's all in the details

We believe the small details are important, if you feel the same and would like to find out more about Mosaic before you decide whether it's for you, then click the link below to view detailed information with screenshots for each of Mosaic's amazing features.

Need an older version?

We keep an archive of older versions of Mosaic for your convenience.

  • The Remote Control for iOS requires a Pro Edition License
  • Price shown in GBP Sterling. The equivalent price in your currency will be shown during the checkout process
  • The free trial will give you 7 days of unrestricted use of the complete feature set
  • A license may be purchased from this page or from within the Mosaic app