Pricing Options

Mosaic is available in three flavours to suit consumers, enthusiasts and small businesses.

  • Standard Edition

    Perfect for casual users

  • £9.99

    One-time Purchase

    • The Core Feature Set
    • Run on a Single Mac
    • Free bug fixes and maintenance
    • Optional Paid Upgrades
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  • Pro Edition

    Perfect for enthusiasts

  • £24.99

    One-time Purchase

    • The Complete Pro Feature Set
    • Run on up to 5 Macs
    • Free bug fixes and maintenance
    • Optional Paid Upgrades
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  • Business Edition

    Perfect for small businesses

  • £2.99

    Monthly Subscription

    • The Complete Pro Feature Set
    • Run on up to 10 Macs
    • Free bug fixes and maintenance
    • No Cost, No Wait Upgrades
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Setapp Version

Mosaic has also been selected for inclusion on Setapp which is a bespoke collection of the best apps on macOS. If you'd like to find out more about Mosaic on Setapp, click here. The Setapp version of Mosaic has an identical featureset to the Pro Edition but has the additional benefit of free feature upgrades for as long as you are signed up to Setapp.

Feature Table

Compare features to find the right version for you. For additional information on the differences between of each edition, please click here.

Features Basic
Activation Methods
Drag & Drop
Click & Select
Keyboard Shortcuts
Active Devices 1 5 101
Basic Editing
Advanced Editing
Layout Groups
Layout Extras
Quick Positions
Quick Layout
Window Capture
Hardware Support
MacBook Pro TouchBar
iOS Remote Control App
Multiple Displays
Upgrades and Maintenance
Free Bug Fixes
Free Enhancements to Existing Features
Free Feature Upgrades
Paid Feature Upgrades
Purchasing and Usage
One-time Payment
Requires Subscription
Requires Internet Connection 2

1 If more licenses are required, please contact us to discuss a customised package to suit your needs.

2 An 'Offline mode' enables Mosaic to remain active for up to 30 consecutive days without an internet connection.